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Use Social Media For A Living

No one has ever thought that now we can make a living by posting

stuff on social media.

But now, it's possible.

It is a great way of working remotely.

Here, you need to manage social media and post content on behalf of some companies.

You don't need to learn any complex advertising skills or need any high-end device to work.

Just make sure you have a simple laptop or smartphone, and a reliable internet connection.

The assignments you can do to earn money on your free time when you join Social Media Jobs are listed below:

* Facebook

- Earn up to $35 per hour commenting on Facebook

- Make up to $175 per day posting pre-made content

- Earn $175 per day chatting to other people on FB Messenger

* Twitter

- Get paid $25 per hour posting on Twitter

- Earn $40 per tweet managing a company's Twitter account

* Youtube

- Earn up to $950 per week uploading videos for vloggers

- Get paid $840 per week just by commenting on Youtube videos

- Make $280 per day posting on Youtube comments

- Earn $1,000+ per week uploading pre-made videos on behalf of a small digital company

* Instagram

- Earn $150 p/day uploading pics to a company's Instagram account

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